Writing coach

Do you feel stuck in your writing, or afraid to start?  I can help!


Whether it’s a research-heavy article or a story you’ve dreamt of telling, often what’s standing in the way of finishing a writing project, or even getting started, isn’t what you know, but how you feel.


You know you have a story you need to tell! You know what information you want to share. But maybe you feel like other people won’t care. Maybe you have so many facts floating around in your head that you feel like you can’t put them down on paper in an organized way. If you have to do research, maybe the idea of where to start or how much to do is making you panic. Maybe you just feel like you don’t have enough time in your day to sit down and write.


All of these are feelings that every writer struggles with.


Trust me, I know.


As a freelance writer, I often have to research and write an article or blog post within a few hours, or plan out and pen a nonfiction book in a few weeks. For my own creative projects, I don’t usually have a deadline - but those have to get finished, too. Sometimes my emotions get in the way and threaten to block my progress. But with time and experience, I’ve come up with strategies that have helped me get past them and stay motivated and on task.


Thanks to these strategies, I’ve written countless articles and blog posts, and dozens of books as a ghostwriter, as well as two with my name in the byline - and counting.


Over the years, I’ve also helped writers achieve their dreams of bringing their words to the world. 

One of them, Eirene (Sally) Allen, says


Alysa is like the best kind of personal trainer. You don't realize how hard she's pushing you because you're having so much fun in the process.


I'd love to help you on your writing journey!



Depending on your needs, together we can:


~ Organize your ideas into an outline

~ Find the best time(s) in your day for writing

~ Discover what kind of writing environment is best for you, and how you can create that for yourself

~ Learn my techniques for making progress without burning out

~ Figure out what motivates you and keep up that motivation

~ Learn how and where to find research resources

~ Understand what’s blocking you in general or at a particular scene or point in your project, and get past it

~ Get recommendations for books, movies, and other media that will be helpful in your writing journey

~ Make a clear plan for moving forward and finishing your book, article, or blog post



Coaching sessions 


If you’re interested in working with me, we’ll start with a free consultation call of up to 30 minutes to find out how I can help you accomplish your writing goals and if we’d be a good fit.


From there, you can choose:


~ A one-time session of up to two hours

We’ll move what’s blocking you out of the way, by working on motivation, organization, time management, book planning, and research strategies (if necessary). You’ll come out of this session motivated and with a clear vision for your writing project. The path to completing it will be a lot smoother!


You can purchase additional one-time sessions of one or two hours if you need to check in, recharge your motivation, or resolve new challenges that have come up.



~ A bundle of four one-hour sessions 

We’ll start by working on the foundation of your project, getting you motivated and organized so that you can move forward. From there, we’ll continue with accountability, tackling any ongoing challenges, and overcoming any additional roadblocks you might encounter on your way. Maybe everything is going fine, for instance, but there’s one section of your book that you just can’t seem to get through or get right. Maybe you need someone to hold you accountable, regularly inspiring and motivating you on your writing journey. I can help with all of this!

These sessions can be scheduled as you need them: weekly, biweekly, or even monthly.


~ Regular accountability check-ins 

Depending on what works best for you, these can be in the form of a regularly scheduled 30-minute video or audio call,  a regularly scheduled email exchange, or a messaging session. We’ll see where you are with your writing project, try to work through any issues you might be facing, see what your next step is and how to handle it, and hold you accountable and keep you going.



What I don’t do


As a writing coach, my goal is to help you feel confident, inspired, and motivated throughout your writing journey. While there are many things I will help you with, here are the things I won’t do:


- Research or write your book, article, or blog post for you. (To me, this is ghostwriting - which I also offer!) 


- Guarantee that your book will be a bestseller. Actually, I’m not sure ANYONE can guarantee this. I can promise that we will do our best together for you to finish your writing project. From there, it’s up to many different forces whether or not it will be a bestseller.


- Developmental editing.


- Instruct you on publishing, marketing, advertising, social media, etc.


If any of these things are important to you, some writing coaches do cover at least one of them, so they may be a better fit.



Want to work together?


If you think I’m the right writing coach for you, get in touch to set up a free consultation call!


Want to know more?


For questions about pricing, scheduling, or anything else on your mind, feel free to contact me.