My writing has been featured in newspapers, literary magazines, and on numerous websites.  

I've also written nonfiction and fiction books, including my novel Hearts at Dawn, a Historical Novel Society Editors' Choice Book

In my personal and professional writing, I've covered topics like:

~travel           ~France & French culture          ~languages and linguistics           

~relationships               ~weird news          ~parenting            ~pop culture          

~food             ~business           ~teaching         ~art                  ~books

~pets             ~history              ~Paris          ~current events          

~the expat experience         ~weddings

Here's a selection of my published articles, as well as posts from my blog at Medium.com:

~ Five reasons Pepé Le Pew isn’t really French

~ The truth behind Google Translate's sexism

~ 12 Themed Cruises You Should Have On Your Radar In 2024

~ Josephine Baker: the incredible story of a spy, dancer and activist

~ C'est la Vie: What Does the Iconic French Phrase Really Mean? 

~Is Chinese really set to become the dominant language of the internet?

~On seeing the gun that might have ended Vincent Van Gogh’s life

~An interview with collage artist Margot de Korte 

~How to sign “Black Lives Matter” – and what the movement means to the deaf community

~ Rat infestation and infatuation in Paris 

~The Essential Guide to the French Subjunctive

~Language Influences How We Think: Fact, or (Science) Fiction?

~Walking Lessons

~How to be a crazy cat person around the world

~Fantasy Literary Road Trip: Parisian Bookstores We'd Love to Get "Accidentally" Locked Into Overnight 

~ How to have the ultimate Western experience

~Why are my son’s first words in French?

~16 Famous French Painters (And a Few Others You May Not Know)

~Whale Watching in Paris

~My mysterious son

Here's what some of my clients have to say:

When I started looking for a content writer, I was looking for someone who could write excellent content so I could focus more on other activities. I was worried I would never find that person but I must say Alysa has exceeded my expectations. Her passion, enthusiasm and excellent writing have helped French Together win hundreds of thousands of monthly readers who regularly tell me how much they enjoy reading Alysa's articles. - Benjamin Houy, founder of French Together

We have been working with Alysa since 2014.  She is attentive and creative and has taken the time to truly understand our business and our voice.  She writes a daily blog for our company on language and culture and translation.  And she also authors our white paper series on issues in translation.  Working with her is easy as she takes our topics and thoughtfully crafts everything she writes.  - Molly Naughton, Founder and President of aiaTranslations


In addition to writing in my own name, I'm also an experienced ghostwriter. 

I've ghostwritten everything from e-books to ad copy.  My ghostwriting has appeared in places like Forbes magazine. 

Subjects I've covered as a ghostwriter include: 

~travel                              ~animal medicine                ~fashion

~healthcare                  ~product descriptions        ~green burials   

~business news             ~esoteric topics                   ~linguistics


From 2010 until the site's shutdown in 2015, my blog on Open Salon got hundreds to thousands of hits per post. 

Here are stats for one of my favorite blog posts  - and one of my readers' favorites, too:

I'm currently blogging on Medium.com, where my writing has been featured in several of the site's Publications. Recently, I was thrilled to be nominated for a One Lovely Blog Award. Stop by and read me here.

My books

I've written a number of nonfiction and fiction books. Here are two that have my name in the byline.

Hearts at Dawn

A Historical Novel Society Editors' Choice Pick

Paris, 1870: History and magic intertwine in a fairytale retelling that will capture the hearts of Beauty and the Beast fans.

You can learn more about Hearts at Dawn here.


Take Better Selfies is a nonfiction title I penned for Eldorado Ink.  I had so much fun researching and writing it!

Here's what a Booklist reviewer had to say about the book: