Whether your child is having trouble with English courses in school, you're studying for an English exam (TOEFL, CAE, etc.), or you just want to brush up on your English language skills, I'm here to help!

A major advantage of tutoring is that each student can be treated as an individual. I custom-create lesson plans, teaching aids, and other material based on a student's personality, learning rhythm, difficulties, and preferred teaching techniques. My lessons can be whimsical and fun, or they can be more serious, with intense exercises in grammar and pronunciation - or why not a little bit of both? It's up to you.

If you're looking for a way to maintain your level of English, I also offer one-on-one or group conversations or book clubs. We can meet in your home or office, or via the phone or internet.

In addition to my enthusiasm, I also have knowledge and experience. I've been helping people of all ages improve their language skills for over a decade, and have worked in private homes, French elementary schools, and businesses.

Here's what some of my former students have to say:

I offer:

- one-on-one lessons

-one-on-one English conversation

- group lessons

- distance learning, using email and attachments (exercises, writing activities, articles and comprehension questions)

or by phone

- distance homework help for all levels

- On-site or long distance English book club or conversation groups

-distance essay-writing help and tutoring in French, History, and English for students in the United States