Trip Planning/Organisation de voyages

I want everyone who comes to Paris to bask in the City of Light's magical glow.

My trip planning and tour guide services are adapted to your needs, so that you'll be able to see and do what you're most passionate about - and maybe discover some other things that interest you along the way.

A photo I took from underneath the Eiffel Tower. When you visit this iconic landmark, you might end up being more impressed by its beautiful architectural details, than by its height!

I offer the following services:

~Trip planning: I've been in love with Paris since I first came here at the age of 13. Passionate about this city, and a fluent French-speaker, I can help you set up your trip so that your time here will be just as wonderful as you'd hoped. From helping you reserve a hotel room or tickets to museums and events, to planning transportation routes, to phoning or emailing for information you need, to creating a personalized daily itinerary, I'll have things organized so that all you have to do is show up to the places you've dreamt about seeing.

~Tour booklets: Based on your interests, I'll create a booklet featuring information about specific sites, works of art, and more, that you can carry with you through the city, or in a museum.

~Guided walks: I've given tours to people from around the world. Intrigued by a Parisian neighborhood? I'll put together a personalized walking tour for you. Want to know the secrets behind the art in some of Paris's most famous museums? With a diploma in Art History from New York University, and, more importantly, genuine love and enthusiasm for art, I'll create a fun, informal tour in whatever museum(s) interest(s) you.

~Trip planning services outside Paris: I've researched and organized trips to other locations in France, as well as in the United States, Italy, England, and more. If you need help finding information about any aspect of an upcoming trip (hotels, tour buses, ticket reservations, wheelchair rental...) or if you want a personalized itinerary, I'd be happy to help!

~Special needs trip planning: When it comes to travel, some of us have some specific needs. A long-time sufferer of IBS, I personally need to know if there are toilets available on different trains I'm taking. These limits don't mean we have to miss out! If you have special needs or questions as a traveler, I can help you plan a trip with them in mind.

Here are what some of my clients have to say about my trip planning and tour guide services:

Alysa's advice was invaluable to me on my first trip to Paris. I highly recommend her trip-planning services. - Christie B.

Walking through the Latin Quarter with Alysa, we saw so many interesting things and learned a lot about the history of Paris. - Bob and Anne S.

Alysa helped my family and I plan our 4 day visit to Rome. She knew where the most interesting sites were located and made wonderful suggestions as how to best get around the city. She recommended where to go and importantly, what times to go. She made recommendations as to what to see while visiting the city and informed us what tickets should be purchased in advance in order to avoid lines and guarantee admission. My entire family was extremely pleased with our very well-planned trip to Rome, thanks to Alysa's help. - Jacci M.

My wife has reduced mobility, and we were worried about getting around. Alysa was able to find out about wheelchair and mobility scooter rental options in Italy, and to create an itinerary that allowed us to see things without too much walking. Highly recommended. - Sam G.

If you think I can help you have a wonderful trip, feel free to contact me!