Translation is transformation - but only partially:  though the words change, the idea behind them must remain.  

Over the years, I've done French-to-English translations for a wide variety of people and purposes, including artists, screenwriters, businesses, and clients seeking jobs at international corporations.  

Here's what some of them think of my translation services:

To apply for a job at an international company, I needed a cover letter and a CV in English.  Alysa helped me write an excellent letter and a very professional CV.  And all of this in a very short amount of time.  From now on, I am going to use Alysa for all of my English translation needs, because she is very competent, fast, and she has a great sense of responsibility. - Arevik S.

Alysa did an excellent job translating my short film script into English.  I needed to turn it in for a contest, and she did her work promptly and with consideration for my writing.  She's a great translator. - C.F.