Searching for compelling words? My writing has entertained, informed, caught the eyes of thousands of readers, and even gotten me on the news

My work has been featured in newspapers and literary magazines, as well as on numerous websites, including, Mamalode, and Brain, Child.  

I've also written books both as a ghostwriter and in my own name, including Take Better Selfies: A Girl's Guide, published by Eldorado Ink. 

From Booklist's review:


Writing about my interests or researching new topics are both things I love to do.  

In my personal and professional writing, I've covered topics like:

¬travel           ¬France & French culture          ¬language           ¬relationships               ¬weird news 

           ¬parenting            ¬pop culture          ¬food             ¬business           ¬teaching         ¬art       ¬books

¬pets           ¬history              ¬Paris          ¬current events          ¬the expat experience         ¬weddings

From 2010 until the site's shutdown in2015, my blog on Open Salon got hundreds to thousands of hits per post. 

Here are stats for one of my favorite blog posts  - and one of my readers' favorites, too:

I'm currently blogging on, where my writing has been featured in several of the site's Publications. Recently, I was thrilled to be nominated for a One Lovely Blog Award. Stop by and read me here.

In addition to writing in my own name, I'm also an experienced ghostwriter. 

I've ghostwritten everything from e-books, to ad copy.  Some of my ghostwriting work has appeared in Forbes magazine. 

I love the challenge of, well, being a ghost of sorts, using my skills to create the perfect document in the style a client wants.  

Subjects I've covered as a ghostwriter include: 

¬travel                                       ¬animal medicine                ¬men's fashion

¬healthcare                  ¬product descriptions        ¬green burials   

¬business news             ¬esoteric topics                   ¬linguistics

Here's a selection of my published articles, as well as posts from my new blog at

¬"C'est la Vie: What Does the Iconic French Phrase Really Mean?"

¬An interview with collage artist Margot de Korte

¬"10  French Cities You Should Visit in 2018"

¬"The Ultimate Guide to French Numbers"

¬"Language Influences How We Think: Fact, or (Science) Fiction?"

¬"Walking Lessons"

¬"Is Paris burning?"

¬"How to have the ultimate Western experience"

¬"Five Weird and Wonderful Ways to Spend an Evening in Paris"

¬"4 Ways to Beat a Language Barrier"

¬"Fantasy Literary Road Trip: Parisian Bookstores We'd Love to Get 'Accidentally' Locked Into Overnight"

¬"Why it may be better to take a backpack on your next trip!"

¬"Five Delicious Things to Eat in Lyon"

¬"The Benefits of Bubble Baths"

¬"Eating in France: The Crime of Veganism"

¬"Baldwin's Book Barn"

¬"Maybe You Don't Need Social Media to be Successful"

¬"A Few Cups Too Many"

¬"Le Cimetière du Père-Lachaise" 

¬"An American in Paris Sets the (Back)Stage for 'Tartuffe'"

¬"Les Pavés de Paris" 

¬"No More 'Mademoiselle' " 

¬"An American in Paris Explains Jean Dujardin and His Oscar Win" 

¬"An Interview with Marc Legoux"/"Quelques Questions pour Marc Legoux"

¬"Whale Watching in Paris"

¬"Five reasons animals make the best bridesmaids"

¬"My mysterious son"

¬"How to..."

Here's what some of my clients have to say:

Alysa is a fluid, elegant writer, and the cultural and history pieces she has contributed to my website have been among the site's most viewed stories. While I'm impressed with her talent, what really sets Alysa apart is her conscientiousness, her seemingly endless stream of creative ideas, and her passion for her work. Working with Alysa, I know all I have to do is give her a concept, and she will take it somewhere interesting and thought-provoking, and get it back to me well ahead of deadline. Sally Allen, Editor, Hamlet Hub.Com/Westport

Working with Alysa as a regular feature writer for The Bugle newspaper is a delight. Her in-depth knowledge and passion for French culture really come across on the page and her pieces have proved a big hit with our readers. She has a meticulous eye for detail and an obvious pride in her work. -Steve Martindale, Editor, The Bugle